Best Waterproof Running Rain Jackets 2022

Best Waterproof Running Rain Jackets 2022

As rain-heavy clouds roll in, the heavy downpour washes away your motivation to run. Don’t worry, though; this isn’t a question of your drive or willpower, rather that of having the right gear.

Waterproof heated jackets are the only way to face the elements when you’re out for a run. Typically, races and marathons require you to carry these weatherproof jackets.

But even if you’re a casual runner, this revolutionary gear will always come in handy.

With these waterproof heated jackets, you’ll never have to be at the mercy of the elements.

Waterproof Heated Jacket Buying Guide

 Waterproof winter jacket

Waterproof heated running jackets— a simple concept with a not-so-simple execution.

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, the terminologies surrounding this revolutionary running gear can get pretty confusing. Hopefully, though, this guide will help clear things up.

Three Types of Waterproof Running Jackets

Generally speaking, there are three main types of waterproof running jackets:

  1. 2-layer jacket — consists of a fully waterproof outer shell and an inner lining membrane layer.
  2. 2.5-layer jacket — consists of a fully waterproof outer shell, an inner membrane, and a third layer of inner polyurethane coating. This additional layer protects the inner material of the jacket from accumulated sweat and dirt, which can otherwise damage the material.
  3. Triple-layer jacket — consists of an external waterproof fabric layer, an internal waterproof and breathable membrane, and an additional protective lining.

The 2.5-layer jacket is the most common type of waterproof heated jacket for running available in the market. It strikes a good balance between functionality, features, and price. 

However, ultramarathons and daily trek training require something more hardcore. The triple layer jacket is ideal for daily training and long runs, as it provides the utmost level of protection against the elements.

Construction and Jargon

These are some of the most common terms you will encounter when you’re searching for a waterproof heated jacket.

Tape Seam

The tape seam is an integral part of any waterproof running jacket. You can have the best waterproof fabric in the world, but without the proper tape seam, you’re definitely going to get wet.

The internal seams of the jacket are the most vulnerable points from which water can penetrate. Thus, heat-sealed tapes along those internal seams in the jacket reinforce those weak points.

Hydrostatic Rating

The hydrostatic rating essentially reveals how waterproof the jacket is going to be. The rule of thumb is that the higher the rating, the more protection you’re going to get against harsh weather conditions.

There are certain rules in the running community regarding a jacket’s hydrostatic rating. Technically, brands can get away with a minimum of 1500 mm rating. However, most races require you to carry jackets with a hydrostatic rating of at least 10,000 mm.

The number represents the amount of water per square inch that the fabric can resist. A rating of 10,000 mm, therefore, means that each square inch of the jacket can withstand 10,000 mm of water, after which it starts to get wet.


Breathability is an important factor of any garment. But when it comes to waterproof clothing, breathability, or the lack thereof, is a huge point of contention.

Think about it: waterproof heated jackets are, by virtue of their function, completely sealed. So, realistically speaking, there will always be a compromise on breathability when it comes to waterproof clothing.

However, a high-quality jacket will give you the best of both worlds. The goal is to keep you as dry and warm as possible by the end of your run, both from the external environment and from your own sweat.

Factors to Consider While Shopping

While shopping for a new jacket, here is how you can ensure that you’re buying the right one for your running needs and goals.


The fit of a waterproof heated jacket is something that people tend to overlook, even though it is the one thing that affects how well a jacket performs.

The body of the jacket needs to be very fitted. On the one hand, a well-fitted jacket leaves no room from which water can penetrate. But more importantly, it prevents the jacket from flapping around in the wind as you run.

At the same time, though, the fit shouldn’t be too restricting. Instead, it should allow you enough movement in the shoulders for a good arm swing.

Sleeve Length

The sleeves should rest naturally around your wrists without you having to tug at them or scrunch them up.

Sleeves that are too long will crease as you push them up. These creases collect pools of water instead of letting the water roll down the sleeve. As water collects in these creases, it will absorb into the fabric much faster and make your arms wet.

The Hood

 Jacket with Hood

A hood is a mandatory requirement for ultramarathons. A well-secured hood not only seals your body against water but also keeps your head and ears warm.

The hood is often a shortcoming of many brands, which is why it’s important that you find the right one. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring that the hood comes with some form of adjustment — like a drawstring — so that you can wrap it snugly around your face.

Without the proper form of adjustments, the wind can easily blow off your hood as you’re running.


Ultramarathons, races, and long-distance running require you to carry a packable waterproof heated jacket so you can use it according to the weather.

For a jacket to be packable and portable, it needs to be lightweight. Moreover, you should easily be able to fold it up without making it too bulky and space-consuming.

Top 5 Waterproof Heated Jackets For Running

Showers Pass Cloudburst Jacket


  • 10,200 waterproof rating
  • 43,000 breathability rating
  • Three-layer jacket
  • All-over seam tape
  • Large back pocket with reflective trim
  • Core vents that double as mesh pockets

The Showers Pass Cloudburst Jacket offers everything you could ever dream of in a waterproof heated jacket.

 Showers Pass Cloudburst Jacket

With a hydrostatic rating of 10.2k, you can conquer the elements like it's a walk in the park. Despite this high waterproof rating, the Cloudburst boasts an industry-leading breathability rating of 43k. Just like that, all your worries about overheating and sweat buildup will vanish into thin air.

Moreover, the fabric is soft to the touch through and through. Better still is its high stretchability that allows the fabric to move freely with your body’s full range of motion. Hence, this thin, soft, and stretchable material feels like an extension of your skin.

The jacket features a true-to-size fit but is still spacious enough to allow for layering. This makes it a perfect option for both rainy and snowy conditions, as you can customize the level of heating according to the weather.

When it comes to additional features, the list is virtually endless. Large back pockets along with core vents that double as mesh pockets create plenty of storage room for your gear.

Moreover, reflective trimming along the zipper, shoulders, cuffs, and pockets enhances your visibility in dark, overcast weather conditions.

The material is lightweight and easily packable, which means you can whip it out at first sight of rain and pack it up when weather conditions clear up. Hence, Cloudburst is especially suitable for long-distance races and training sessions.

ASICS Accelerate Jacket


  • 10,000 waterproof rating
  • 10,000 breathability rating
  • 5 layer jacket
  • Rollaway hood
  • Reflective branding

ASICS is highly sought-after for its formidable running footwear. But the ASICS Accelerate Jacket attests to the brand’s superiority in all running gear.

 ASICS Accelerate Jacket

The Accelerate jacket features a 2.5-layer construction with a 10k hydrostatic and breathability rating. The fabric offers you ample protection against the elements while still giving you enough breathing room for profuse ventilation.

If, at any point, you start to feel a little clammy, you can strategically undo the various zippers to let the breeze dry you off. Similarly, you can layer this thin jacket on top of a thick base layer to keep you warm in unforgiving temperatures.

Hence, this waterproof heated jacket keeps you just warm enough without the ever-present risk of overheating.

Additional features include laser cut and bonded secure pockets for storage, a rollaway hood for extra weather protection, and reflective detailing throughout the jacket for nighttime visibility.

Brooks Canopy Jacket


  • UPF 30 protection
  • Stowable hood
  • Easily packable
  • Highly breathable
  • Thumb holes

A little downpour and heavy winds have nothing against this Brooks Canopy Jacket. With the perfect balance between water resistance, breathability, and warmth, this waterproof heated jacket is perfect for long runs in extreme weather.

Brooks Canopy Jacket 

The jacket features Brooks’ unique Drilayer Seal fabric, with the promise of letting air in while keeping water out. The fabric is exceptionally breathable, yet the open-weave construction offers reliable weather resistance.

Moreover, the fabric is reinforced with UPF 30 protection, which safeguards your skin against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Even with heavy clouds in the sky, you can never have enough UV protection.

Furthermore, the material is exceptionally soft, stretchy, and comfortable, so much so that you’ll forget to take it off after your run. The stretchy material adds to your mobility by allowing you to access your full range of motion.

Additionally, the Brooks Canopy jacket boasts a long and versatile list of features. This includes a stuff sack, closure buttons, a hood with a tie-down strap, three roomy pockets, and cozy thumb-holes for complete coverage.

Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Jacket


  • Stretchable fabric
  • Velcro cuffs
  • Cinched two-way adjustable hood
  • Zippered underarm vents for breathability
  • High portability

The Stretch Ozonic Jacket by Mountain Hardwear proves that, sometimes, simple is supreme. This less-is-more jacket offers all the integral features of a high-quality waterproof heated jacket without weighing you down with unnecessary add-ons.

 Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Jacket

Because of its simplicity, the Stretch Ozonic jacket offers a lot of versatility in wear. Whether you’re running, hiking, backpacking, or even going around the block for some groceries, this all-round jacket will keep you dry, warm, and comfortable.

When it comes to running in heavy showers, the jacket provides unparalleled levels of water resistance. Admittedly, this does undermine its breathability factor. However, the zippered underarm vents can let some of that moisture out in between resting periods.

Apart from its high waterproof rating, the material itself is highly stretchable and offers maximum mobility. This comes in especially handy for tackling technical terrains and overcoming large obstacles. 

While the Stretch Ozonic may not be an overly technical rain shell, the features it does offer are a cut above the rest. The waterproof hand pockets, for example, are a simple yet elegant solution for keeping your phone and trail snacks dry.

Similarly, the Velcro tabs allow you to secure the cuffs at whatever position you please while ensuring that no water seeps through.

Wear Graphene GAMMA Jacket


  • Graphene-infused fabric
  • Built-in battery-powered heating system
  • UV-proof
  • Breathable, anti-microbial, and anti-odor
  • Ten pockets

The GAMMA Jacket by Wear Graphene is where fashion meets tech. This all-climate waterproof heated jacket is the ultimate all-rounder; regardless of the weather or occasion, this graphene-infused jacket is the only outer layer you’ll ever need.

 Wear Graphene GAMMA Jacket

The graphene-infused material of the jacket boasts the endless benefits of this versatile material: thermoregulation, durability, UV protection, and microbial resistance. The thermoregulation and strength that graphene offers easily surpass that of traditional synthetic materials.

The natural temperature regulation properties of GAMMA make it ideal for any weather, as the material naturally adjusts the temperature according to environmental conditions.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gamma also has a built-in heater. The heater is powered by a power bank that you can turn on with a simple push of a button.

Everything about this jacket, from the fabric to the hardware (zippers, drawstrings, etc.), are fully waterproof. So, not only will you stay warm, but you will also remain nice and dry—come rain or shine. 


Running requires a lot of dedication and a no-excuses attitude. Luckily, with the right waterproof heated jacket, you really won’t have any excuse left to call off a run.

Not only do they keep you dry in heavy downpours, but these running jackets also keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable so that you can focus on the task at hand.

Just remember that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to waterproof running jackets. Depending on your running style, goals, and other contextual factors, different jackets will affect your performance differently.

So, when the skies turn gray, it’s time to gear up— not give up.