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Heated Jacket You Can Wear Year-Round


A Jacket You Can Wear All Year Round


Heated Jacket You Can Wear Year-Round

5 Reasons Why
You Need to Get GAMMA's
High-Tech Jacket

Tired of bulky jackets? Too much winter wear got you running out wardrobe space?

Not anymore! GAMMA is the graphene layered thermoregulating jacket that will keep you warm in all weather conditions.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get GAMMA's High-Tech Jacket

Tired of bulky jackets? Too much winter wear got you running out wardrobe space?

Not anymore! GAMMA is the graphene layered thermoregulating jacket that combines science, utility & fashion. It keeps you warm in winters & cool in the spring whilst looking super-sleek.

Here's Why:


Gamma's graphene-infused fabric strength and thermoregulating properties are superior to traditional synthetic insulation.

Fancy a second skin that keeps you warm and protects you from damage? By infusing a layer of graphene into GAMMA, we created a new generation of techwear that's extremely durable and actually protects its user.

Graphene is a nobel prize material that's stronger than diamond and damage resistant - scratch, tear and abrasion proof!


Contains superconducting properties to keep you warm and toasty on cold days, but cold & refreshed on warm days.

You'll love that your high-tech jacket can be used in any season and weather! That's because graphene moves heat through it's latticed structure, evenly distributing it around your body. In warm weather it expels heat and wicks moisture to keep you cool, and in the cold it channels the heat across your entire upper body.

Still scared of the cold? Don't worry, our next tech feature will warm you up.


Heats You Up in 60 Seconds, at the Push of a Button (Adjustable Temperature Settings!)

Yes, winters can be harsh but thankfully GAMMA has got you wrapped & covered! Equipped with 3 carbon fiber heating elements to supercharge GAMMA's graphene layer at the push of a button. Comes with 3 adjustable heat settings for your preferred level of comfort.


It Protects Your Valuables from Wind & Rain with a Multi-Functional Pocket System

Want to go adventuring? Or perhaps just out for a run and afraid the weather might take a turn for the worst?

Fret not, we've got enough pockets strategically positioned across the entire inner and outer layer of the jacket. Many "waterproof" jackets overlook an important fact: water seeps in through the zippers. Well, we've made sure GAMMA's are fully waterproof meaning nothing's getting through.


Helps You Free Up Closet Space

What to do with your winter wear that's too thick and bulky to wear for the other seasons? Sell it off or chuck it in the closet? GAMMA is a functional techwear that works well in all seasons. Save closet space and money buying new jackets every season!

Upgrade to Superior Protection with GAMMA

Lynne Yee (VERIFIED BUYER) November 22, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Super stylish!
Great jacket! The cut is perfect and the jacket looks extremely stylish. The fabric and zippers are high-tech. Definitely worth the wait!

Emma Normand (VERIFIED BUYER) November 20, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fits well & warm!
I am a woman about 5'4", 145 and ordered a small and it fits quite well. It's very warm, even without the heating part on. This really helped me keep warm in the chilly, windy days. Better than my current windbreaker. It's very lightweight and would work very well as a travel jacket for sure. I've been wearing it every day so far and been loving it!

Martin Doucette (VERIFIED BUYER) November 17, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Better than other brands
This jacket is so amazing! I bought a graphene jacket before online and that they don’t compare to the quality of this one. Going to buy more for my other family members too now!

David E (VERIFIED BUYER) November 21, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great quality!
Couldn't be happier with this jacket! Quality is definitely on par with that of leading brands. It doesn't feel restrictive at all, very breathable, and also provides you with that warmth you need. The multiple pockets are a plus and also love the tough and durable fabric, my jackets tend to wear and tear overtime especially if I wear them often but this one seems like it will last!

Karl F (VERIFIED BUYER) November 17, 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Lucky purchase!
I took the chance with this one when I saw it online. To my surprise, it turned out to be better than I expected. Material seems lightweight but more durable than expected. Zippers feel nice and are well sealed, and the pockets are ample and in all of the right places. Wind and wet stuff didn't get through at all on my first two uses. It's surprisingly warm, with good ventilation. I am 178cm and the xl fit well.

Master the Elements


Did you know that harmful UV rays can penetrate many light jackets, windbreakers, and raincoats? This can cause burns and skin damage when outdoors for long periods.  Gamma is UV-proof and keeps your skin safe from the sun when you're outdoors.




Most times it isn't the cold that gets to you, but rather the unrelenting winds. GAMMA effectively protects your body from wind speeds up to 50 miles/hour making it the perfect companion for high-altitude adventuring or sports.


Built to withstand unforgiving alpine conditions, GAMMA is proprietary weave of graphene layering is fully waterproof. Whether you're strolling in a light drizzle or stuck in a mosoon, your valuables are fully protected.




With GAMMA's superior thermal conducting properties and built-in heating system, you can finally face the winters on your own terms. Select your temperature setting and stand fearless against the cold.

Upgrade to Superior Protection with GAMMA

Who Is It Made For?

Heated jackets

Camping Enthusiasts

The perfect camping jacket with high-tech temperature control and multi-functional pocket storage.

Battery warmed jacket

Urban Explorers

Thin, lightweight and comfortable for city travel.

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Hiking & Outdoor Exploration

Scratch-resistant feature protects you from branches & falls.

Waterproof running jacket

Running / City Sports

Ultra-lightweight, waterproof & pockets to carry your valuables making it the perfect outerwear for runs.

Women's snowboard jacket

Snow Lovers

Press a button to heat up your jacket in 60 seconds so you always stay warm no matter the outside temperature.

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Winter Sports

Advanced heating and high-grade graphene makes it the perfect utility jacket for winter sports enthusiasts.