Best Winter Running Jackets 2022 | Protects You from Cold and Winds

Best Winter Running Jackets 2022 | Protects You from Cold and Winds

Going for a run in the summers doesn’t require a lot of thinking as long as you have your running shoes. Winters, however, require a little extra effort, especially when it comes to wearing the right jacket.

A good winter jacket should be warm and comfortable so you can quickly go for a hassle-free run. In addition, your jacket should have moisture-wicking properties to help manage the sweat.

If you want a warm, breathable, and even a heated winter jacket, you must read this article.

Here, we look into the eight best winter running jackets of 2022 to keep you warm all winter long.

Top Eight Running Jackets for Winters

Looking for the best winter jacket for men and women? Here are our top picks for you.

Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket

 Graphene Winter Jacket

Lightweight, flexible and thin, this super durable polyester jacket may be the ideal choice for you. The Gamma heated jacket is infused with graphene, a jacket game-changer; graphene absorbs heat better, keeping you warm for longer.

The jacket also comes with customizable heating so you can adjust to your desired temperature. In addition, you don’t have to worry about putting on additional layers bulking you up when going for a run. This light and thin jacket will be just fine.

You tend to feel cold in the beginning of your run, which is why a thicker jacket may be tempting to wear at first. But as you progress, your body heats up and a bulky coat may not do an outstanding job at regulating your body temperature.

This is what makes the Gamma Graphene Jacket very versatile; not only will it keep you warm at the start of your run, making exercising more effortless, but it's breathability and moisture-wicking quality will keep you from overheating, keeping you comfortable throughout your run.

 Gamma Graphene Jacket

Moreover, the jacket has odor-free and anti-microbial properties, which means you don’t have to worry about any post-run smells.

The jacket also easily folds into your suitcase so you can take it with you wherever you go. So you never have to worry about missing your runs again!

Although an excellent heated winter jacket for men and women, the Gamma Graphene Jacket is more expensive than others on the market. However, it’s worth the purchase.

 Last Minute Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket

New Balance Heat Jacket

New Balance Heat Jacket 

If you’re looking for a good heated winter jacket for men, then give the New Balance one a try. It fits well, which won’t restrict your movement making it perfect for running activities.

The fabric is quilted and stretches with motion, which further aids with movement. The quilting also traps body heat which means the jacket will keep you warm without additional layers.

It’s got a long collar to cover your neck and keep it shielded during your run. The sleeves are tapered at the wrists, which provides additional protection from the cold and can also be paired with running gloves.

New Balance heat Jacket features special NB quick-drying and heat technology which makes the jacket breathable and quickly removes moisture while keeping you warm and dry.

What’s nice about this running jacket is that it looks similar to a winter coat, so you can go running in style. In addition, it comes down to your hips, making it one of the longer jackets on the market and providing you with greater coverage.

In addition, the nylon is very durable and tough, which makes it an ideal workout partner.

It also comes in six fabulous colors, including indigo and nettle green. You can also find it in five different sizes ranging from small to double-XL.

ASICS Winter Accelerate jacket

 ASICS Winter Accelerate jacket

The ASICS Winter Accelerate jacket comes in both a men’s and women’s version and might be the perfect winter jacket for you, especially if you often encounter rain during your runs.

The jacket’s outer shell is water-resistant, and all the seams are completely sealed to keep you protected against the rain and cold.

The water resistance isn’t just limited to the shell and seams; the sides' front zipper and zipper pockets are also waterproof. The waterproof side zippers, of course, mean you can take your belongings safely with you without getting them wet.

This jacket also comes with a hood for extra protection against the cold. Don’t want a hood? No problem. You can conceal it in the neckline of the jacket and simply take it out when you need it.

This winter jacket is also suitable for night runners; it has a reflective bar at the back and the right cuff for full 360-degree visibility.

ASICS Winter jacket breathable and lightweight keeping you warm during your workouts. However, the jacket alone is not enough to keep you warm, and you may need additional layers of clothing, an extra outer layer, or a thicker mid-layer, particularly on freezing days. 

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Nike Wind Runner Jacket

 Nike Wind Runner Jacket

If you’re looking for a shell jacket specially designed for outdoor running, then the Nike Wind Runner Jacket may interest you.

This jacket works like a windbreaker and is particularly great if you find yourself running on windy days. The outer shell is made of Nylon with a polyester mesh, making the jacket waterproof. The double-taped seams and zippers ensure no water or wind gets through, keeping you warm and dry.

There is also a hood with a 360 degree reflective surface providing you with protection during your night runs.

However, the downside of this jacket is that it is not warm enough to be worn on its own and needs additional layers of clothing on colder days. But, you can rely on it for those cool winter days and colder summer nights.

You can find this windcheater in many great colors, and it comes in five sizes (small to double extra-large). Unfortunately, though, it is not available in a ladies' version.

It’s effortless to travel with this jacket; you can fold it up into a tiny square and take it with you wherever you go. No need to worry about missing your runs anymore!

BALEAF Women’s Jacket

 BALEAF Women’s Jacket

Running jackets are an excellent investment, but sometimes you need things while you’re on a budget. If that’s the case, then the BALEAF women’s jacket might be your top pick.

Although super affordable, this jacket feels high-end with no compromise on quality.

The outer layer fabric has an anti-splashing feature providing wind protection and water resistance. As for the inner layering, it features a three-layer composite material lined with fleece that feels soft to wear and traps any heat from escaping.

The jacket is made of polyester and spandex, is durable, and offers 50+ UPF sun protection. In addition, there is a full-length front zipper, elasticated cuffs, and a high collar.

You also have three zipped pockets on the outside, two on the sides, and one at the back. There are also reflective details on the front and back for protection if you like running at night. Plus, there are two internal pockets as well.

Cleaning the jacket is simple; machine wash and then tumble dry low.

Although a great jacket is ideal for cold weather, it is too warm for cooler days. In addition, ventilation can be better. The jacket is not very breathable, and the only ventilation you’ll receive is if you pull down the front zipper to let the heat escape.

Salomon Agile Softshell

 Salomon Agile Softshell

If you’re an athlete looking for a jacket that you can use for running and various other activities like cross country skiing, then the Salomon Agile Softshell Jacket may be just what you’re looking for.

This ultra-lightweight jacket is available for both men and women and comes with wind protection to keep you warm. However, you don’t have to worry about overheating as the back of the jacket is made of brushed knit fabric with top-class breathability.

Additional features such as water resistance and moisture-wicking add to the breathability. In addition, the jacket is warm, soft, and fits really well around the arms and shoulders, making it great for runners.

It’s available in several fantastic colors and sizes, ranging from extra small to double extra-large. However, Salomon clothing tends to come in smaller sizes than other clothing so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

In addition, the jacket does not come with a hood which is also something to watch out for.

All in all, the Agile Softshell is a stylish jacket that you can wear casually or when running without having to wear extra layers of clothing. You can also safely go for a run at night in this jacket as it has reflective details.

Smartwool Smartloft Jacket

 Smartwool Smartloft Jacket

If you’re looking for a Merino wool jacket to keep you warm on a snowy day, then the Smartwool smartloft jacket for men and women is the running jacket you need.

The jacket's materials are as follows; the shell is 100% nylon with a DWR (durable water repellent) coating. The rest is 44% polyester, 8% elastane, and 48% Marino wool.

The insulation comes from the Marino wool and polyester, 88% wool, and 12% polyester. What’s really great about this is the wool is 50% recycled.

The difference between the women’s and the men’s jackets is the degree of isolation. The men’s smartwool jacket contains 120 g of wool (greater insulation), whereas the women’s come with 60 g.

There are a lot of pockets to keep your belongings. The men’s jacket has four (two hand pockets, a chest pocket, and two interior ones), whereas the women’s has three (two hand pockets and an interior one).

Apart from the insulation present at the front, and the difference in pockets, the two jacket versions are pretty similar.

The front of the jacket also comes with insulated panels, which are water and wind-resistant. In addition, the hip length allows the coat to keep you fully covered.

Merino wool is not only super warm and soft but will also keep your jacket odor-free due to its anti-odor properties making this jacket your running companion for years to come. Plus, it’s incredibly comfortable.

You can wear this jacket either as an upper or mid-layer on freezing days.

This jacket is available in a variety of lovely colors and four sizes. Unfortunately, the company does not make a double extra-large. In addition, you might get too hot during your runs in this jacket, especially on warmer days.

R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Trail Hooded Jacket

 R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Trail Hooded Jacket

Looking for something a little more expensive? Give the R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Trail Hooded Jacket a try.

The jet black and shiny jacket will not only make you look stylish but will also do a great job of keeping you warm. It is entirely water and wind-resistant due to a lack of mesh and vents. However, the fabric is breathable, keeping your runs smooth.

The jacket comes with several adjustable features. For example, the hood with a visor to keep you completely shielded from the rain, the stretchy cuffs, and a drawstring at the waist.

It also comes with a big pocket on the back to keep all the items you take running. A feature that stands out in this jacket is the tear-proof exterior. If you’re used to rugged trails or often carry equipment with you, you no longer have to worry about any of it damaging your jacket.

Although a great package, the price is higher than the other options, so take note of that before you buy this one.

Final Words

Running is a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, but staying home because it’s cold is no excuse to miss your workout. 

Therefore, your jacket must be your ideal running partner and motivate you to go for your run.

When shopping for your jacket, look at what you want to wear on your run. Do you want something lightweight, waterproof, or reflective? What other features are important to you in your best winter jacket for men?

Do you have it all down? Great! Time to treat yourself to a new winter running jacket!

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