Christmas Gift Ideas for the Travellers - Heated Winter Jacket

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Travellers - Heated Winter Jacket

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it's time to get to gift shopping. Trust us when we say the whole process becomes more fun when you know what to get for each loved one.

A personalized and practical gift is the most heartwarming thing one can receive, especially on Christmas. That's why you should get everyone's Christmas gifts based on their hobbies and professions.

Do you have an adventurous traveler in your life? Are you having trouble finding the right Christmas gift for their brave and curious personality? Look no further; here are the top 16 Christmas gift ideas for travelers in 2021.

Top 16 Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

From battery heated jackets to water purifiers, this list has got it all. So, take your pick from these 16 Christmas gift ideas for the traveler in your life. 

Heated Winter Jacket

 Heated Winter Jacket

First and foremost, there's no Christmas gift more fitting for a traveler than the Gamma Jacket. If you're not familiar with its revolutionary technology, let us introduce it to you.

This heated winter jacket is made from graphene. Graphene consists of a single layer of hexagonally latticed carbon atoms. You'd be surprised to find out that this single-atom layer is even stronger than diamonds.

Other than the indestructible layer of graphene, the Gamma jacket is also battery heated. That means the traveler in your life can warm-up simply with the attachment of a power bank.

This battery-heated jacket's ability to adjust to the weather makes it the best winter jacket for men, especially as a Christmas gift for someone who's into winter adventures like skiing, snowboarding, or simply climbing peaks.

Gamma - All season jacket

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In-Flight Accessories

 In Flight Accessories

If you know someone who's always on the plane to get to a new country, making their flights more comfortable would be the most thoughtful Christmas gift. You can do so with some practical in-flight accessories.

This MLVOC neck pillow is the perfect way to make their in-flight experience cozier. It has a contoured design made of memory foam and a magnetic therapy cloth cover.

Plus, this comfortable neck pillow comes with other in-flight accessories, including a contoured eye mask, earplugs, and a luxury bag.


Cozy Sleeping Bag

 Cozy Sleeping Bag

If the travel-lover in your life is an avid camper or hiker, there's no better Christmas gift for them than a cozy sleeping bag. Ensuring that they get a good night's sleep wherever they go is surely the most heartfelt gift of all.

This Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is the best way to make sure your traveler friend sleeps well even in the harshest of conditions. Made from 100% polyester, it's guaranteed to keep them warm in temperatures as low as 20 ℉.

Lastly, the draft tube along the zipper ensures that their body heat stays inside the sleeping bag.


Water Purifiers

 Water Purifiers

If you know someone who travels often or likes camping and hiking, they probably have trouble finding clean water in natural environments. So, make their travel experience much easier this holiday season by getting them a water purifier.

This LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is the perfect size to fit in a pocket and be readily available to provide clean water at all times. In fact, you can count on its microfiltration membrane to remove 99.9% of all waterborne bacteria and parasites.

The best part is that this water filter is extremely affordable, which means you can even get them a handful of these.




Luggage is expensive, which is why helping someone upgrade their luggage is one of the best Christmas gifts you can give. It saves both their money and time, so add to your traveler friend's luggage with this AmazonBasics 30-Inch Hardside Spinner.

This double-spinner suitcase is made of an extra-thick ABS hard shell, made to withstand scratches, impact, and harsh weather. Plus, it's expandable to provide up to 15 percent more storage. What more could you need in a suitcase?

Lastly, it comes in four different colors, including light blue, navy blue, black, and orange. It really is a big gift!


Essentials' Bag

 Essentials Bag

If you want to help your travel-enthusiast friend compartmentalize their luggage, gifting them organizers and essentials' bags is the way to go. A high-quality essentials bag to hold their makeup or toiletries is the most practical Christmas gift you can get them.

This Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag is spacious enough to hold their toiletries in one large compartment and save space in their luggage. Plus, this toiletry bag comes in many colors and prints, including baby blue, pink, striped, and leopard print.

Lastly, it comes with a hanging hook for easy access when in the bathroom.


Toiletry Bottles

 Toiletry Bottles

Instead of trying to cram full-sized products into their toiletry bag, you can help make packing easier by gifting them toiletry bottles this holiday season. That way, they can store small amounts of shampoo, body wash, and skincare in their toiletry bag to fit in their luggage and perhaps pass security rather easily.

These Dot&Dot Travel Bottles are TSA-approved and leakproof to prevent any spillage in your bag while on the go. Plus, this set of four is unbelievably easy to clean and refill.

The affordability of these toiletry bottles will allow you to buy more than one set for the traveler in your life.


Portable Toiletries

 Portable Toiletries

However, if your traveler friend isn't a fan of refilling and cleaning toiletry bottles, we've got a better pick. Instead, you can get them portable versions of the toiletries you know they already use.

This travel-friendly Sun Bum Premium Day Tripper is a must-have sunscreen for those always on the go. In fact, it's guaranteed to provide reef-friendly broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection no matter how harsh the sun is.

The best part is that this portable suncare pack includes a travel-sized cool-down lotion, lip balm, and toiletry bag too. We can't think of a better Christmas gift for the traveler in your life than this travel-friendly UV-protection pack.


Travel Thermos

 Travel Thermos

We all understand the hassle of hot coffee cooling down or an iced drink melting while we're traveling. So, help your loved ones enjoy their favorite drinks regardless of the weather by gifting them a travel thermos.

This Stanley Classic Trigger Action Thermos is the perfect travel mug for your on-the-go friend who can't miss their morning coffee. Plus, its leak-resistant cap ensures zero spillage and easy, one-handed use.

Lastly, it's easy-to-clean design eliminates any scrubbing hassle for your traveler friend, making it the perfect Christmas gift.


Travel Bags

 Travel Bags

Another way to upgrade your loved one's luggage is by getting them a large travel bag. A compartmentalized travel bag with plenty of storage is the best way to make a traveler's Christmas day.

This spacious travel duffle bag is ideal for business or personal travel. It's waterproof, durable, and roomy.

The best part about this travel bag is that it's made from canvas, which means they can wipe it down easily in case of any spillage.


Eye massager

 Eye Massager

There's no better Christmas gift for a weary traveler than a relaxing eye massager. In fact, they'll thank you every time they've had a long flight and are fighting jet lag.

This rechargeable Eye Massager with heat, vibration, and Bluetooth music will easily become your traveler friend's haven whenever they're on a long journey. After all, it lets them relax their eyes and listen to their favorite tunes simultaneously!

This ZARIMI eye massager is an innovative machine as it uses heat and vibration to soothe your eye area and forehead to relieve tension. Lastly, the touch screen at the front lets you control your music, heat, and vibration settings with just a few taps.


Wallet Tracker

 Wallet Tracker

A frequent traveler knows that you're bound to lose your wallet in a foreign country at one point or another. So, instead of stressing about how they're going to pay for the cab back to the hotel, you can help them never lose track of their wallet.

This Tile Wallet Tracker is compact, slim, and easily slips into any wallet, no matter how small. Aside from being lightweight and sleek, it's also waterproof. Your traveler friend can use the Tile app to track the latest location of their wallet and ensure they never lose their valuables again.




Similarly, losing your keys in a foreign country isn't unusual. Whether they're the keys to your hotel, a rental car, or your luggage, it's essential to know where they are at all times. That's why a key tracker keychain makes for the best Christmas gift for a traveler.

This Tile Key Tracker is mini, water-resistant, and sleek. All they have to do is slip the keyring into the given hole and activate the Tile app. Then, whenever their keys are lost while traveling, they can open up the Tile app and track the latest location.


Waterproof boots

 Waterproof Boots

Traveling a lot inevitably results in putting up with unpredictable or harsh weather in foreign countries. Waterproof boots are the best way to prevent water from getting into your shoes, and your traveler will thank you immensely for this Christmas gift.

These Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear R23008 Rain Boots are comfortable yet protective. Made from high-quality PVC, they're made to guarantee no moisture gets in. Plus, its insoles are fitted with contoured cushions for maximum comfort.

If your traveler is also into hiking and climbing, some heavy-duty mountain boots are the perfect multipurpose option to make their Christmas day.




If your traveler friend is also an avid reader, they understand the struggle of finding the right book to keep in their carry-on. They probably wish they could fit their entire collection for one trip, and you can make that wish come true.

Gifting them a Kindle on Christmas will warm their heart more than you think. Now, they'll be able to read their favorite books wherever they go, without any added luggage.

It's portable, it's lightweight, and it's super easy to use; what more could a book-loving traveler want? Plus, it comes in so many different colors!


Compass and Survival Kit

 Compass and Survival Kit

Last but not least, a modern compass makes for a perfect Christmas gift for the traveler in your life. Yes, we have compasses on our phones, but can we really count on them? As a traveler, they know all too well the risks of relying on online services and the internet.

This Survival Multitool is an extremely practical gadget that’ll come to your loved one’s rescue more often than you may think. Help them stay safe this holiday season by upgrading their travel kit with this survival multitool.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Christmas gift ideas for travelers.

What is the best Christmas gift idea for travelers in 2021?

The GAMMA Jacket by Wear Graphene is the best Christmas gift idea for travelers in 2021 due to its adaptability, durability, and advanced heating technology. It's made to withstand all kinds of weather, but the battery-heated properties of this winter jacket make it ideal for the holiday season.

What is the most affordable Christmas gift idea for travelers in 2021?

The most affordable Christmas gift on our list is the water purifiers and toiletry bottles. Ensuring that your adventure-loving family or friends always have clean water and easy access to their toiletries while traveling is a thoughtful Christmas gift.

What is the most practical Christmas gift idea for travelers in 2021?

The wallet and key trackers are the most practical Christmas gift ideas for travelers in 2021. If you lose these valuables in a foreign country, you'll be stranded without a penny on you. Ensure your loved ones are always safe and sound by helping them track their belongings using Tile trackers.


We all have a traveler in our lives whose venturesome and bold personality makes it hard to find the right Christmas gift for them. Well, we've made the whole process a lot easier for you. So, take your pick from any of these 15 Christmas gift ideas to warm their heart this holiday season.

If you're looking for a gift that's both fashionable and practical, our top recommendation would be the Gamma Jacket. So, head on over to Wear graphene to get your hands on the best winter jacket for women and men, and also avail of their holiday season sale!