Three Best Heated Jacket for Work 2022

Three Best Heated Jacket for Work 2022

Do you want to buy a heated work jacket to stay warm while going to your office every day? Since you are here, you must be looking for a durable and high-performing heated jacket that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Lucky for you, this guide reviews the best heated jackets inspired by futuristic inventions of none other than the “Back to the Future II” movie.

Keep reading to learn about the specifications of the marvelous heated jackets to stay warm in the extreme winter season.

Reviews of the Best Heated Work Jacket

Thanks to advancements in technology, manufacturers have developed work jackets that can generate heat to keep plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, handymen, and others warm during the winter months.

When your body is extremely cold, it actually redirects the blood from the extremes, such as hands and feet, towards the core. That’s why your toes and fingers become numb. You also feel more tired while walking outside in the cold weather since the body exerts more energy than usual to keep it warm.

The heated work jacket rescues you from the cold by offering an internal heating system to generate heat. It essentially comes with heating panels on the back and chest side powered by a rechargeable battery.

Don’t worry about getting any accidental shocks because the heated jacket is perfectly safe. Additionally, a safety switch cuts off the power if the panels get overheated.

One of the most significant advantages of wearing a heated work jacket is that it is stylish and practical. Not only that, but it’s water-repellent and weather-resistant to keep you warm and dry during the snow. You’ll undoubtedly make a great impression wearing a heated jacket to work.

Read along to learn about the features of the best heated jackets, shortlisted based on style, warmth, quality, comfort, and battery life.

Graphene Heated Jacket

Graphene Jacket

As the names suggest, the Graphene Heated Jacket by Gamma is a 100 percent graphene-infused heated jacket that guarantees uniform heat distribution. It’s a strikingly impressive heated jacket with ten multi-functional pockets and a customizable integrated heating system.


The primary reason behind infusing graphene in the heated jacket is to offer strength and flexibility.

Graphene is more robust than diamond, with several features, such as thermoregulation and breathability. No material available in the market can beat graphene in resisting wind and weather.

Another significant advantage of incorporating graphene in the heated jacket is its antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties. It essentially serves as a hypoallergenic and anti-odor layer to keep your body warm, dry, and clean.

Irrespective of your skin type, you can wear the Graphene heated jacket courtesy of its resistance toward skin mites and other allergens.

Graphene features a lattice structure that evenly distributes warmth throughout the body. On the other hand, the same structure removes the heat and moisture from your body to keep it cool during summer.

The integrated heated system coupled with the graphene fabric minimizes cold spots and ensures uniform heat distribution to keep your chest, back, core, and arms warm.

Thanks to its thermal properties, graphene serves as an insulator. Hence, this all-season jacket keeps your body warm during winter and cool during summer.

To sum up, the smart graphene layer ensures a regulated and optimal temperature to keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather.


The sleek monotone design features a unisex outer lining that offers a loose-fitting. Hence, you have ample space underneath to add inner layers of the sweater without compromising your movement.

In addition to the jacket sleeves, you can benefit from the fingerless hand sleeves to protect your hands from chilly winds. Similarly, the full-length zip successfully blocks the cold air while the loose-fitting doesn’t make you feel tight or uncomfortable.

The Graphene heated jackets include drawstring adjustments in the waistband and hood to maximize your comfort.

Built-in Heating System

The Graphene heated jacket includes three heating elements made of carbon fiber. All you need to do is plug the USB-A power bank, switch it on and select any of the three heat settings. It’s entirely up to you to choose the temperature at 20C, 40C, and 60C degrees, depending on the outside cold weather.


The ten pockets offer you ample storage space to carry your belongings, such as your wallet, watch, keys, and other items.

For instance, the jacket includes different pockets, such as the front, chest, inner chest, arm, buttonable inner, hidden sleeve, and power bank pocket. Additionally, all the pockets come with a wind and water-resistant zippered opening to secure your belongings.

ORORO Men's Heated Fleece Jacket

Made of breathable fleece, the ORORO Men's Heated Fleece Jacket offers lightweight insulation which doesn’t restrict your movement. In addition, you can wash this heated jacket in the machine since the heating elements are specially designed to withstand more than 50 machine wash cycles.

Since 2015, ORORO (pronounced as Oh Roar oh) has been known for designing heated apparel for everyday use. The heated fleece jacket is one of their widely popular jackets known for its comfortable fitting.


The ORORO heated jacket, made of ultra-soft fleece material, comes in a straight cut loose fitting. It’s a plus as the jacket doesn’t offer a tight-fitting to restrict your range of motion.

Moreover, the sleeves come with a standard cuff which you can conveniently pull over the gloves if required.

Heating Panels

The ORORO heated work jacket features three carbon fiber heating panels. These elements generate heat mid-back, left, and right chest. You can adjust the warmth by selecting three available heating settings using a low, medium, and high button.


The 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery starts producing heat within seconds. Not only that, but a single complete charge is enough to keep you warm for up to ten working hours.

For instance, the battery lasts for three hours on high settings of 130F degrees and six hours on 110F degrees medium setting. Lastly, the jacket offers 100F degrees heat at low settings for 10 hours, which is excellent.

The ORORO heated jacket comes with a palm-size battery that weighs only nine ounces. You can also use the USB-A port to charge your phone and power bank during the commute.

Lastly, this heated jacket is Travel Sentry approved (TSA-friendly), which means you can carry it in your baggage while traveling.

ARRIS Heated Jacket

ARRIS Heated Jacket

The ARRIS Heated Jacket is one of the most stylish and high-performing heated jackets comprising eight heated panels. There are four panels in the front, while three are available at the back to keep your whole body warm.

The jacket comes with a 7.4V, 7200mA Lipo battery, one Lip battery charger, and an instruction manual.


The outer polyester material of the heated jacket is water-proof and wind-resistant. Hence, it efficiently keeps the snow and cold and chilly winds out. Furthermore, the inner layer comprises a soft fleece lining to ensure a comfortable fitting.

The ARRIS heated jacket comes with a detachable hood which you can use in extreme snowy and rainy weather. Lastly, the Velcro straps on the cuff coupled with the elastic band in the jacket offer a perfect fit.

Heating Areas

One of the most significant advantages of choosing the ARRIS heated jacket is controlling the heating areas with different buttons. Hence, you can select the heat and warmth of the individual heating pads according to your preference.

For instance, you can select any five heating levels ranging from 40C to 80C degrees, which is excellent.


Usually, a 5V USB battery powers the heated jackets available. Again, the ARRIS heated jacket outshines the rest by using a powerful and efficient 7.4V battery.

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) therapy

Far infrared rays are the longest rays of the infrared light spectrum. These rays ensure energy transfer two to three centimeters deep into the body tissues to enhance the blood flow.

FIR rays improve circulation at the molecular level, so fresh nutrients and oxygen reach all the body cells to enhance cellular functioning and blood vessel resilience.

The good news is that the ARRIS heated jacket comes with a refined FIR carbon heating panel. The safe and soft carbon fiber panel offers FIR therapy which is undoubtedly more effective compared to conventional heat therapy. These rays penetrate deep into the skin without causing any irritation or burn to relieve muscle pain and boost blood circulation.

Additionally, the working life of the carbon fiber panel is 1000 hours, while it offers warmth between 40C to 80C degrees.


The ARRIS heated jacket features an integrated thermal protection module. The primary purpose of this safety module is to stop the heating in case the panels overheat.

Lastly, the jacket contains a USB port to charge your mobile phone or a power bank on the go.


The Winter season is harsh and bitter. That’s why it’s essential to invest in suitable winter wear to endure the cold and chilly winds.

Selecting a heated work jacket requires you to research the specifications and usability. Hence, the above is the ultimate review of the heated jackets, which are reliable and, most importantly, budget-friendly.

Whichever heated jacket you select from the above review, you won’t possibly go wrong in your decision.