What are the Advantages of Graphene Clothing in Winter?

Once we note the first snowfall, we all find ourselves layering up with the thickest coats and jackets. But these layered outfits can become bulky and unflattering in extreme winter conditions. 

So if you’ve ever wished you could reduce your winter outfits to just one or two layers, you’re in luck. 

Graphene is the newest and most innovative addition to the textile industry, being the strongest material in the world. With its durability, strength, and thermal conductivity, graphene has opened doors for smart winter clothing that requires no layering. 

Keep reading to find out how graphene clothing, such as the Gamma Jacket from Wear Graphene, can benefit you in the winter. 


How Graphene Clothing Works

Graphene is one of the most robust and durable materials ever made. Consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms, each atom is tightly circled by strong chemical bonds, making graphene 200 times stronger than steel.

Even though it’s incredibly robust, this material is also lightweight and has extraordinary electrical and mechanical properties. As a result, it’s also one of the most flexible materials in the clothing industry. 

Other than that, it has non-toxic, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and non-cytotoxic properties. Graphene has recently been used in smart clothing, especially for wearable technology. The electrical and mechanical properties facilitate battery-powered insulation for jackets, gloves, socks, and more. 

Graphene is also used to make graphene ink for cotton clothing to offer the heat-absorbing capabilities of graphene at a lower price. Additionally, graphene clothing can include technologies that allow sportsmen to observe their heart rates and optimum movements.

Advantages of Graphene Clothing in Winter

Here are nine advantages of adding graphene clothing to your winter closet.

Thermal Conductivity 

Due to the thermal conductivity of graphene, it can facilitate the production of smart clothing that can detect blood clots, circulatory issues, muscular problems, and even tumors. In addition, the material provides the ideal electric temperature sensor for efficient thermographic analysis. 

With the help of this analysis, industries can produce smart clothing for athletes to detect muscular problems and prevent accidents, especially during colder seasons. Similarly, graphene-infused clothing can facilitate prenatal screening for pregnant women.

Of course, the material’s thermal conductivity also contributes to keeping the wearer warm on chilly days. Such a fabric allows heat transmission from the hot side (human body) to the cold side (air outside the clothing).

Besides that, graphene’s thermal conductivity also contributes to the fabric's breathability. 

Water Repellency

Graphene fibers are waterproof, which makes them highly suitable for making alternatives for wetsuits and neoprene clothing. In addition, graphene’s lightweightedness makes it ideal for manufacturing swimwear.

More importantly, the water-repellency of graphene fibers means they don’t allow any moisture to penetrate the fabric’s shell. This is ideal for keeping the wearer warm in extreme weather conditions, especially on rainy days. 

It’s worth noting that water-repellant graphene was only recently discovered. So, graphene-infused waterproof clothing uses the latest technology to keep you dry and warm during winter days.

Electrical Conductivity 

Since graphene consists of an atomically thin carbon layer with a hexagonal arrangement of carbon atoms, it has outstanding electrical properties on the nanoscale. It can even compete with copper. 

Pristine, single-layer graphene has an electrical conductivity 70% higher than copper. In addition, many studies detail that macroscopic graphene can outperform copper in electrical conductivity, making it a better material to infuse in clothing. 

Graphene’s electrical properties make it the ideal fit for protective clothing as it has a small resistance. This leads to a greater shunt current, protecting the body as much as possible.


Durable High-Value Fabrics

Graphene inner fleece is produced by blending and spinning polyester blank chips with biomass graphene. With this technique, manufacturers can create a new type of textile fiber that guarantees high value and performance.

Graphene inner fleece is warm, breathable, multifunctional, anti-bacterial, and everything you could need in a high-value fabric. This means that graphene isn’t just limited to wearable fabrics; it can also be used to create quilts and sheets.

Moreover, graphene’s high-performance material amplifies body heat to be especially useful in the winter. While the fabric is as thin as regular fleece clothing, it provides sufficient warmth for even the iciest days.

Graphene-infused fabric is also 200 times stronger than steel, so you don’t have to worry about tears or holes. In addition, this type of clothing retains its durability even after several washes, which won’t be necessary due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Graphene also facilitates the production of traditional winter garments when fixed with cotton, wool, linen, or other readily available fabrics. While they won’t be waterproof like modem graphene clothing, they’ll keep you warm during the winter.


Despite being 200 times stronger than steel, graphene has great resistance to deformation and a high modulus of elasticity. That’s why it’s perfect for creating sportswear and maternity clothing for the winter, as they require highly elastic materials.

Aside from being stretchy, graphene clothing is also extremely comfortable in all weather conditions, making it the perfect fit for athletes. In addition, the textile industry can also combine graphene’s elastic and electrical properties to make smart maternity clothing. 

Such clothing can include features such as fetal heart rate, mother’s body temperature, and blood pressure monitoring. With the latest technology, these clothes would send necessary signals to smartphones to monitor every step of pregnancy. 

This way, graphene clothing can facilitate pregnant women and athletes so they can lessen their trips to the doctor for diagnostic tests. Since graphene clothing is incredibly stretchy, it can also sense and monitor body parameters as the fabric is in contact with a lot of skin.


Cytotoxicity Towards Bacteria

Since all graphene-based materials kill bacteria by getting rid of the bacterial membrane, graphene clothing can be cytotoxic to bacteria. The material’s anti-bacterial properties make graphene clothing ideal for those that need protection from bacterial infections.

For example, new mothers or expecting mothers are sensitive to harmful diseases transmitted by bacteria, which is why graphene maternity clothing for the winter can be the perfect solution. Luckily, the material doesn’t have to be infused with graphene to provide its anti-bacterial properties. 

Instead, manufacturers can coat cheaper and readily available materials, such as cotton, with a graphene finish to prevent bacterial growth. This way, graphene clothing can also benefit healthcare providers in the winter.

Medical scrubs are typically thin and short-sleeved, which is why they aren’t ideal for the winter. However, graphene-infused scrubs can protect the nursing staff and doctors from bacterial infections while also keeping them warm in chilly weather.

Graphene’s anti-bacterial properties also mean you don’t have to wash the fabric often. So, graphene clothing can be the perfect thing to pack if you’re on a camping trip during the winter with no access to a washing machine.

Battery-Heated Clothing

Graphene famously contributes to the production of modern battery-heated jackets that maintain body temperature and thermal conductivity in extreme weather conditions. Graphene-infused jackets absorb your body heat and guarantee warmth for a longer period, compared to traditional winter clothing.

The Gamma Jacket is the perfect example of such clothing, using graphene to power battery heating. Most importantly, these jackets evenly distribute heat, so you don’t have to suffer from cold spots. They also repel moisture, so your inner layers stay dry and warm.

You also don’t need to worry about excessive sweating due to the continuous heat distribution, as these jackets are surprisingly moisture-wicking. They absorb moisture from the inside and outside of the jacket to ensure complete dryness. 

The best part about smart graphene clothing is that they keep you warm on cold days and cool on hot days, as the material is a breathable superconductor.

Added Support

While graphene has many uses, it’s mainly used to create battery-heated clothing and athletic wear. Major textile companies are combining graphene with the latest technology to manufacture the most efficient athletic apparel on the market.

Graphene athletic wear evenly distributes heat around the body on colder days, keeps cool on warm days, uses moisture-wicking capabilities to prevent excessive sweating, and is stretchy enough to facilitate a full range of motion.

Graphene sports apparel has every property needed to improve athletic performance, but its best characteristic is the added support. The tightly-knit carbon composition of the material offers support in all the right areas while still being breathable, thin, and lightweight.

As a result, athletes and sports people can benefit from better muscle performance, corrected posture, and reduced chances of injuries.


Advanced Properties

Other than elasticity and thermal conductivity, graphene has endless other advanced properties. For example, graphene suppliers are currently working on a graphene textile fiber that works with polymers at room temperature. 

As a result, the textiles can benefit from anti-bacterial, anti-static, and heat-preserving properties. As a result, this advanced fabric can be used to make sportswear, underwear, and other types of clothing. In addition, graphene ink can work as a modern, hypoallergenic metal sensor in skin-hugging fabrics.


Graphene clothing is undoubtedly one of the best improvements in the textile industry, allowing you to stay warm in the iciest weather without a bulky wool coat. If you’re interested in adding graphene clothing to your wardrobe, look no further than the Gamma Jacket, which is available at Wear Graphene for the best deals!