20 Best Waterproof Biker Jacket 2022

20 Best Waterproof Biker Jacket 2022

Let’s face it; you cannot head out to enjoy biking as a sport without the proper gear. Even if you bike exclusively when the sun’s out, you can easily encounter unexpected rain spells or, worse, cold breezes.

In such situations, if you aren’t armed with a waterproof heated jacket, you’ll end up spoiling your trip and wishing you’d prepared better for it. Luckily, those who love biking all year long and want to invest in the best jacket, you’re on the right page.

So, instead of scrounging the internet for the best waterproof heated jacket, you can check out our compilation to make the perfect purchase in no time. Let’s dive in.

1.  Gamma Heated Waterproof Jacket

 Gamma Heated Jacket

Gamma is a lightweight and durable jacket that combines fashion with functionality. Whether you’re biking under the scorching sun or during a cold blizzard, this jacket is the perfect biking gear for you.

It is constructed with graphene-infused fabric and has a flexible and thin yet strong outer shell that can last robust use. Besides that, it protects you from the elements during summer while its built-in heating system lets you stay warm during winters.

 Gamma Water Resistant Jacket

Apart from being 100% water-resistant, the Gamma jacket has odor repellent properties to help you stay fresh all day long. Moreover, its accessible soft outer shell is easy to pack in your luggage and comes with ten multi-functional pockets to facilitate on-trip storage.

2.  Gerbing Heated Jacket

 Gerbing Heated Jacket 

A versatile waterproof heated jacket, this article by Gerbing, is one of the best products for extreme bikers. If you love the thrill that comes with biking through a heavy blizzard, then you should add this to your sporting gear.

Integrated with compression fit technology, the snug jacket will fit you effortlessly regardless of your body size. Most importantly, it has an impeccable MicroWire heating system to keep you warm throughout your trip.

Unlike most heated jackets, this one is water-resistant as well. Meaning it will surely last you long-term even if you put it through rigorous use.

The best part is you don’t necessarily have to use it as a heated biking jacket. It is constructed with breathable and soft materials so you can wear it anywhere you like and make a style statement.

3.  Alpinestars GP Plus

 Alpinestars GP Plus

If you’re a motorcycle riding enthusiast, you shouldn’t compromise on reliable gear to facilitate comfort and accessibility. This Alpinestars GP Plus is one of the most popular biker jackets in the market.

Made with premium cowhide leather outer lining combined with Alpinestars’ inner textile, the jacket delivers a fashion with functionality. Along with extreme durability and abrasion resistance, it provides water-resistance and perspiration-wicking properties for professional bikers.

The best part is it is available at an affordable price, so you don’t have to stretch your budget at all.

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4.  Rev’It Cayenne Pro Jacket

 Rev’It Cayenne Pro Jacket

Rev’It is one of the most popular brand names for robust biking gear. While protecting against both on-road and off-road hazards, the Cayenne Pro Jacket can be used during wet, hot, and cold seasons.

Boasting a durable polyamide chassis with a comfortable inner lining of their in-house textile, the jacket ensures a hassle-free ride for you. Along with being completely waterproof, the jacket is breathable enough to absorb sweat and keep you fresh while you’re tackling the roads.

Its robust elbow and shoulder protectors combined with its impact-resistant exterior are ideal for bikers seeking thrilling adventures.

5.  Klim Adventure Rally Jacket

 Klim Adventure Rally Jacket

This Klim Adventure Rally Jacket is the ultimate gear for biking enthusiasts targeting hardcore activities. The jacket provides resistance against water, wind, stains, abrasions, and penetration.

Meaning it has all the properties you would need to tackle the road at an affordable price. Its GoreTex material woven with Armacor textile delivers impeccable protection and weather resistance, so you can stay snug and warm while biking during cold winters.

If you’re looking to cover long distances on your bike, this jacket has ten external pockets so you can carry all the items you need without any hassle.

6.  Patagonia Biking Jacket

 Patagonia Biking Jacket

The high-quality biking jacket by Patagonia is the ideal choice for bikers who don’t want to compromise on style while getting the quality they need. This waterproof and weatherproof jacket is lightweight, breathable, and tailored to an exquisite cut.

So, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a bulky mess while venturing out on your bike. Additionally, the jacket offers other accessible features such as a dropped tail, extra storage pockets, and an over-helmet hood.

This makes it an all-in-one package for long-distance bikers regardless of their weather preferences.

7.  Borleni D-020 Motorcycle Jacket

 Borleni D-020 Motorcycle Jacket

The Borleni D-20 jacket is one of the most popular products in the biking community. With its CE-certified armour padding and breathable construction, the jacket is perfect for bikers who ride all year long.

What bikers love about this jacket is its adjustable fit. Whether you want to sport a sleek or oversized look, this jacket has adaptable areas so you can customize it according to your preference.

Its thick polyester outer lining protects you against the elements and harsh abrasions. Additionally, its breathable inner lining absorbs sweat and keeps you fresh during scorching summers.

Most importantly, it has accessible pockets and robust zippers to last you long-term. So if you’re looking for all-around gear, this is an affordable solution for you.

8.  Keis Heated Jacket

 Keis Heated Jacket

If you’re a biker who does not care about the weather when taking your motorcycle out, then the Keis Heated Jacket is the ideal waterproof heated jacket for you.

The jacket is integrated with elasticated panels that provide an unmatched fitting along with a cutting-edge heating system. Meaning you can feel comfortable and snug while riding in the cold weather.

This lightweight jacket is made of breathable materials while repelling water droplets to help you stay comfortable throughout your trip. The best part is, its heating system comes with an accessible controller so you can adjust it according to your preference.

9.  ILM JK41 Motorcycle Jacket

 ILM JK41 Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re thinking of venturing into the biking world, then the ILM JK41 is the ideal entry-level biking jacket for you. It offers the water and weather resistance you need without the astounding price tag of other high-end brand articles.

Integrated with a robust leather outer shell, the jacket has a breathable inner lining to provide functionality for every weather. Along with armor spots on the shoulder and elbow, the jacket also has reflective tape for increased visibility and safety.

Moreover, it has a few adjustable areas so that you can customize it to a perfect fit according to your preference. However, the jacket is not available in multiple color options like other articles from its league.

10.  HWK T1 Motorcycle Jacket

 HWK T1 Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re an avid biker looking for a functional jacket within the $100 price range, then the HWK T1 is the ideal option for you. One of the most popular lower-priced models in the market, this jacket does not compromise productivity and style.

Made out of 600D Cordura Fabric, it gives you the ultimate water and weather resistance so you can enjoy a comfortable ride. Besides that, it has a soft inner lining to keep you snug during winters and dry during humid summers.

The best part is it is integrated with additional padding along the shoulders and elbows to provide ample protection against impacts and abrasions. Although the jacket has some air vents to facilitate ventilation during summers, it can be closed to regulate body temperature during winter rides.

11. Vance Leather VL1624B Motorcycle Jacket

 Vance Leather VL1624B Motorcycle Jacket

The Vance Leather VL1624B is another affordable option for bikers looking for comfort, style and functionality. Constructed from a mixture of 500D textile and soft mesh, the jacket provides impeccable breathability combined with moisture-wicking technology.

Besides that, the jacket has four large pockets to store all the items you need for a long bike ride. Moreover, despite its robust exterior, it is lightweight enough to ensure you stay comfortable even after long-term use.

While the zippers are a hassle to attach and detach, they are robust enough to last rigorous use. Although the jacket provides good protection against cold blizzards, air can enter through the zippers during high-speed rides in cold weather.

12.  Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket

 Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket

The Viking Cycle Ironborn Jacket is one of the most popular biking articles for professionals. This jacket is worth your money boasting a robust construction combined with impeccable quality and functionality.

The durable sports jacket is constructed out of 600D polyester material that gives you a versatile combination of water resistance and breathability. Besides that, it can be adjusted from various areas according to your preference.

While you can be concerned-free about the jacket ripping or wearing out even after rigorous use, it won’t keep you dry during heavy rain. However, it is good at wicking moisture and absorbing sweat to dry you during summers and winters.

13. Cuber C-1 Motorcycle Jacket

 Cuber C-1 Motorcycle Jacket

Cuber is another well-known brand offering high-quality waterproof heated jackets. This Cuber C-1 Motorcycle Jacket combines high-end features and an affordable price tag for biking enthusiasts.

This jacket is made out of 600D polyester with a beautiful mesh design and reflective panels; this jacket is a complete package of safety, durability, and style. In addition, it comes with customizable CE armors, which you can remove when you don’t need them.

Besides that, you can also adjust its fitting on areas such as the arms, wrists, and waist. If you’re biking during cold blizzards, you can reinforce the wrists with velcro closures to prevent the cool draft from entering your apparel.

14. Milano Sport Motorcycle Jacket

 Milano Sport Motorcycle Jacket

This water-resistant Milano Sport Motorcycle Jacket provides a tough layer against water and other elements. Additionally, it is breathable and stylish enough to help you make a statement as a professional biker.

While you can use its zipper vents to keep cool during summer rides, its removable thermal padding will keep you warm during winters. This makes it one of the best waterproof heated jackets on the market.

Most importantly, it is adjustable from areas such as the waist, arms, and wrists to ensure a snug fit. However, the jacket is not available in an oversized fit on the downside. But, you can buy one size larger than your usual measurements if you prefer a roomy fit.

15. Pilot Motosport Trans.Urban V2 Motorcycle Jacket

 Pilot Motosport Trans.Urban V2 Motorcycle Jacket

The Pilot Motosport Trans. Urban V2 is an all-in-one package for bikers. The jacket is specially designed to regulate your body temperature during long trips; the jacket has many commendable features that make it a good choice.

Its nylon and polyester exterior protects you against impacts and abrasions, while its inner windproof lining keeps you warm. Moreover, it is entirely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet even while riding in the rain.

Complete with robust zippers and adjustable snap straps, the jacket is the ideal addition to your biking gear.

16.  Joe Rocket 1051-5004 Biking Jacket

 Joe Rocket 1051-5004 Biking Jacket 

If you’re looking for a reliable biking jacket to last you long-term, this versatile model by Joe Rocket is the ultimate investment. Along with a sporty, sleek outlook, the jacket provides the functionality you need for every season.

Its rigid outer shell made of polyester absorbs all kinds of tears and abrasions. Meaning your jacket will look as good as new even after you put it through rough use.

Besides that, it provides an athletic fit and customizable areas to ensure maximum comfort while riding. Most importantly, it has reliable waterproofing combined with removable padding for heat regulation according to your preference.

17.  Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Men’s Jacket

 Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Men’s Jacket

This article by Tourmaster Transition Series is one of the most versatile biking jackets for men. The textile jacket sporting a Carbolex 600-denier exterior protects you against the elements while regulating your body heat.

This makes it ideal for both summer and winter biking sessions. Furthermore, it has a robust Rainguard membrane that provides impeccable water resistance and keeps you dry while riding through the rain.

Other accessible features include a hood that you can wear under your helmet and a removable thermal lining to keep you warm.

18. Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Jacket

 Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Jacket

Biking during snowy weather is thrilling, but not when it brings extreme body pain and respiratory problems afterwards. However, if you don’t want to miss the fun, you should invest in this waterproof heated jacket by Venture Heat.

The water-resistant jacket sports seven heating panels made with flexible heating elements. This system keeps you warm and toasty without making the jacket uncomfortable.

Besides that, it comes with a waterproof temperature controller so you can adjust the heating system according to your comfort. On the downside, you will have to buy the wireless remote controller separately because it isn’t included with the jacket.


19. Milwaukee Leather Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

 Milwaukee Leather Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

This leather biking jacket by Milwaukee is a perfect combination of style and functionality. Boasting a retro police-like design, the jacket helps create your style statement in the biking community.

Some prominent features of the article include oversized durable zippers, robust construction, plenty of external pockets, and a shiny black leather exterior.

The best part is, you can wear this jacket while biking during any season. Its removable thermal lining keeps you warm during winter, while its reliable waterproofing keeps you dry in rainy seasons.

20.  Hot Leathers Men’s Heavyweight Jacket

 Hot Leathers Men’s Heavyweight Jacket

If you prefer high-quality leather jackets above anything else, this heavyweight biking jacket by Hot Leathers is the go-to option for you. Made with coarse-grained, thick, durable leather, the jacket is versatile enough for every season.

For increased accessibility, the jacket has multiple inner pockets with snap closures so you can carry all the gear you need. Similarly, its adjustable hood and removable lining let you customize it according to the weather.

On the downside, the jacket is quite stiff initially. However, it melts down and adjusts to your body after a few weeks of use.

Final Words

With the long list of options available on the internet, finding the best waterproof heated jacket for yourself can be challenging. But remember, the best option for you isn’t the one with the most features or the highest price tag.

Instead, the ideal option for you is the one that matches your biking habits and your budget. So, make sure to assess these aspects in every option before making a purchase.


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