7 Best Waterproof Windbreaker Jackets 2022

7 Best Waterproof Windbreaker Jackets 2022

If it often rains in your area, you surely have a wide collection of waterproof jackets. But are you sure that you have the right types of jackets? Sometimes, quality is more important than quantity, and when it comes to jackets, functionality matters the most.

Fortunately, the market is now filled with different types, styles, and designs of ski jackets. While some have a more aesthetic appeal, others excel in keeping the wearer warm and safe.

Thus, choosing one totally depends on the intensity of the weather and your preference. If you’re confused about buying an ideal ski jacket, we will list the best waterproof windbreaker jackets later in this post. So, keep on reading!

What Are Different Types of Waterproof Jackets?

Whether you’re looking for a snowboarding jacket for your next adventure or just to stay safe from rain, you need to determine how efficiently it keeps you dry.

Waterproof jackets come with various technologies to keep the rain out. Of course, the more you’re willing to spend, the better quality you’ll get.

Generally, waterproof windbreaker jackets are categorized into the following two types:

Ski Jackets With a Waterproof Coating

The waterproof coating consists of a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) liquid that helps the jacket keep the rain away. You can identify a ski jacket with a waterproof coating when the water drops collect on its surface in the form of beads.

Jackets with a waterproof coating offer good breathability and need regular maintenance. Although these come at an affordable price, their quality and performance are no less than expensive ones.

Some widely-used waterproof coatings include Isotex, HydroDry, Texapore, Aquafoil, and AquaDry.

Ski Jackets With a Waterproof Membrane

A waterproof membrane refers to a thin layer of minute pores capable of releasing moisture out of the jacket. While doing so, these pores prevent water droplets from getting absorbed in the jacket’s fabric.

A windbreaker jacket with a waterproof membrane restricts moisture more effectively than the one with a waterproof coating.

The most commonly used waterproof membrane is GORE-TEX®.

7 Best Waterproof Jackets to Buy

With so many brands available in the market, it can be pretty tricky to buy the ideal waterproof snowboarding jacket as per your requirements.

So, check out the below waterproof jackets to make an informed investment decision.

1.   Gamma All-Season Jacket

Gamma all season jacket

A jacket that suits all types of weather is definitely worth investing in. Whether it rains, snow, or breezes outside, such jackets look good anyway. One example is the Gamma Jacket, which is made of high-quality graphene material.

If you’re not familiar with graphene, it is famous as a material stronger than diamond. It is only one atom thick but still gives you all the properties of a quality jacket.

Infused with graphene, the Gamma jacket consists of built-in heaters with three carbon fiber heating elements. They are designed inside the jacket to warm your body up whenever you start to shiver from cold.

The heating system of the Gamma jacket provides heat evenly to different parts of your body.

On top of that, graphene makes this jacket breathable, superconducting, antibacterial, and durable - all at the same time! So, you can get the desired warmth on cold days and stay refreshed on relatively hotter days.

The best part is that you can charge your Gamma jacket with a USB-A power bank and adjust its heating settings. It is undoubtedly waterproof and will keep the water droplets from getting absorbed.

Key Features

  • Multi-functional pockets
  • Abrasion and scratch-resistant
  • Thermoregulating
  • Anti-odor
  • Anti-microbial

●     UV-proof

●     Machine washable


2.   Marmot Minimalist Jacket

 Marmot Minimalist Jacket

Marmot Minimalist Jacket has got it all - good looks, efficiency, durability, and water-proof abilities. So what else does one want?

This jacket is made of quality material that makes it wearable in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the Marmot Minimalist Jacket possesses several impressive features.

It has a thick hood and adjustable elastic hem toggles that minimize the entry of cold winds inside the jacket. If you always go into the details of your jacket’s fabric and design, this jacket will not disappoint you.

This outerwear has a minimalist design with practical details, including cuffs, zippered side pockets, and a chest pocket. This provides extra storage to carry your belongings with you all the time. Indeed, it’s one of the top choices for outdoor activities gears.

If you’re still hesitant, what if we tell you that Marmot offers a lifetime warranty for this jacket? Yes, it’s true. So, what’s stopping you from trying out this jacket?

Key Features

  • Waterproof Gore-Tex technology
  • Lightweight Paclite technology
  • Recyclable
  • Wind-resistant hydrophobic membrane


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3.   Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket

 Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket

Columbia Arcadia II Jacket is a waterproof jacket that can be a style statement for fashionista women. This jacket comes in a range of funky colors to suit the preferences of everyone and give them an appearance they’ve always desired.

This jacket is an ideal everyday outwear to protect you from extreme weather conditions.

It has a classic, boxy appearance that adds an urban touch to its design. Moreover, its comfortable fit complements all your everyday tasks, such as moving from home to office, buying groceries, or even taking your furry pet for a walk.

The mesh lining of this jacket works great with its full seam sealing, offering extreme comfort and ease of moving.

If you don’t want to do anything extra, this waterproof jacket is all you need. However, it may not give you maximum breathability, but it does keep you dry.

So, whether you’re backpacking to mountains or just running errands on a rainy day, the Columbia Arcadia II Jacket will have your back.

Key Features

  • Omni-tech coating
  • Velcro sleeves, adjustable warm hood, and drawcord hem toggles
  • Two hand pockets (zippered)
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in 44 different colors


4.   Patagonia Torrentshell Windbreaker Ski Jacket

 Patagonia Torrentshell Windbreaker Ski Jacket

If you’re looking for the most versatile yet chic jacket, the Patagonia Torrentshell Windbreaker Ski Jacket may hit you right on the spot. Although the price range has gone up for this one, its features make it worthy.

This windbreaker can easily be worn every day, whether going to your gym or just running some errands.

It offers everything you expect from a waterproof snowboarding jacket - breathability, water resistance, wind protection, great design, and sustainability. It is also an excellent layering option when you’re skiing.

The minimal design complements its outstanding performance considerably, making it one of the best waterproof windbreaker jackets out there. It features hook-and-loop cuff closures and an adjustable drawcord hem seal.

In addition, the fabric is lightweight, with additional protection against strong winds and heavy rains. So, embark on your new adventure with the Patagonia Torrentshell Windbreaker Ski Jacket.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% recycled nylon
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR)
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable H2No performance standard
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Microfleece-lined neck


5.   Jack Wolfskin JWP Jacket

 Jack Wolfskin JWP Jacket

Jack Wolfskin JWP Jacket is another example of a good-looking and quality waterproof outerwear that is lightweight and comfy. This jacket fights heavy winds, rains, and harsh lights from reaching your body and is super-easy to carry everywhere.

This jacket is manufactured in the most sustainable way, which means it doesn’t impact the environment. So if you’re a fashion enthusiast who also wants performance in your jacket, the JWP Shell is all you need.

What’s more, the jacket features a hood, two pockets incorporated with a stow pouch, and an adjustable waist hem, making it excellent, comfortable outerwear.

The JWP Shell can get tougher in extreme weather, so you can always rely on it for your next trips.

Key Features

  • Super lightweight with a weight of only 400g (14.1oz)
  • Waterproof
  • Minimal design
  • Made of Texacore recycled polyester


6.   Hatley Boys’ Splash

 Hatley Boys’ Splash

To make your entire family look up-to-date, you need to add the Hatley Boys’ Splash to your kid’s wardrobe. It is a fully-lined, waterproof rain jacket that ensures a stylish, funky look and keeps the wearer dry and comfy at the same time.

With this jacket, you can send your kids to school or play even in the rainy seasons without worrying about them getting wet. This jacket protects the wearer from light, winds, and water all day.

What’s more, the jacket is made of a rubber-like material that offers quality protection against harsh outside elements.

This Hatley Boys’ Splash is hands down one of the most fun and functional outerwear you can get for your child’s wardrobe. If your kid doesn’t like to wear outerwear, this waterproof ski jacket can be their best friend within a few days.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% polyurethane lining, 78% cotton, and 22% polyester toweling
  • Waterproof
  • PVC Free
  • Soft lining
  • Funky colors


7.   Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket

 Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket

This Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket is a multi-functional layering option that protects you from moisture. This jacket is an excellent addition to your wardrobe dedicated to skiing, hiking, or snowboarding.

This ski jacket keeps you breathable on lengthy trips. Moreover, it also features a unique design with two zips on the sides to amp up your look in the newly-transformed poncho-style jacket.

If you already have many old-school classics in your wardrobe, it’s high time you include this piece in your closet.

With transformative zippers and several unique elements, this mighty jacket also comes in several cool and funky colors to offer you the functionality and an aesthetic appeal side by side. So, prepare yourself for the new adventure with the Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket!

Key Features

  • 2-Layer GORE-TEX palclite waterproof feature
  • TorsoFlo zippers along the side for breathability
  • Dual-pull hood
  • Dual drawcord hem
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Hand pocket and a chest pocket

How to Choose an Ideal Waterproof Windbreaker Jacket?

Waterproof windbreaker jackets come with different features depending on their price and brands. To choose an ideal jacket, you need to watch out for the below features to ensure maximum protection and breathability against outside elements.

Here are some:

Adjustable Hood

A waterproof jacket should have an adjustable hood that offers you a good fit and protects you from the weather side by side. You can also go for a jacket with a peak to ward off rain droplets away from your body.

Chin Guard

It is a soft part of fabric near your face on the jacket’s inside that prevents injuries and discomfort.


A quality waterproof windbreaker jacket features several pockets inside and outside. The inner pockets provide you with storage space to carry your valuables, and the outer ones prevent water from getting in the jacket.

Adjustable Hem and Cuffs

Adjustable hems give you a snug fit to protect against heavy wind and rain entering your jacket. Meanwhile, adjustable cuffs protect your wrists from rain and outside elements by creating a snug fit around them.

How to Choose the Right Fit?

To prevent rain and wind from getting in, you must always consider buying your right-fit waterproof jacket. The perfect fit jacket will offer you more breathability.

Generally, you’ll get three types of fits in waterproof windbreaker jackets:

  • Relaxed Fit. Regular waterproof jackets have a comfortable fit to offer you the freedom to move and a longer length to give your extra protection. They also have more space for layering.
  • Active Fit. These jackets are not too loose or tight. Thus, you’ll have sufficient room to wear more layers underneath.
  • Technical Fit. Ski or hiking jackets have a technical fit, meaning that they offer more space to move while sitting close to the wearer’s body. In addition, these jackets are shorter in length and feature higher pockets to facilitate accessibility.

While choosing the right fit for yourself, know that an ideal waterproof jacket must cover your back. Next, extend your arms upwards and see if the cuffs cover your wrists entirely or not.

Moreover, check if a jacket comes with adjusters. If it does, use them to make the jacket fit your body shape perfectly. This determines whether the outwear will keep cool air and rain off your body.

If you’re thinking of wearing more layers underneath your waterproof ski jacket for extra warmth, remember to go one size up to have enough room.

The Bottom Line

A waterproof windbreaker jacket is everyday outerwear that effectively protects you from rainy and windy weather. These jackets come in two types - with a waterproof coating or a waterproof membrane - to keep water, light, and wind away from your body.

It’s important to consider several factors to buy the right ski jacket for yourself. So we listed down the best, highly-functional jackets above to help you choose the best.

If you’re looking for a versatile jacket, Gamma Jacket is the right way to go!


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