The Best Lightweight Waterproof Winter Jackets in 2022

Winter’s here, and honestly, we’re all looking for the trendiest jackets to stay nice and cozy. On top of that, many of us prefer something that also adds to our looks. So, we have some excellent lightweight waterproof jacket options that you should try in 2022.

The trending jacket designs for 2022 feature ultimate warmth and comfort. Therefore, you can use these jackets for virtually anything like hiking, biking, trail running, etc. If you prefer a lightweight work jacket, there are versatile options for that too.

Most importantly, the best lightweight waterproof jackets are long-lasting, fighting harsh winds, snow, and rain, and budget-friendly. So, most of our picked jackets are affordable, ensure value for money and durability.

Finally, there is enough choice for everyone if you like a few add-ons like pockets, stuff-sacks, hoods, and any preferred material. These jackets are packable and extremely lightweight, with several options like cuffs, hems, zippers, and more.

So, by the end of this post, you should be able to decide on a cool, lightweight waterproof jacket for this winter.

1.  Gamma All-Season Jacket

Key Features: Graphene infused design, power bank heater

 Gamma All-Season Jacket

Graphene is one of the lightest yet sturdiest materials right now, and the Gamma All-Season Jacket features this amazing material. If you want a durable, UV-light protected jacket that can last all year; the Graphene heated Gamma Jacket is a great lightweight waterproof jacket to have.

Why? The Gamma Jacket features a nano-lattice-inspired structure from Graphene to give you the ultimate durable jacket. It’s virtually unbreakable and can easily fight off harsh weather and moist conditions.


The other notable features include a three-way adjustable hood, adjustable Velcro cuffs, adjustable rain hem, high neck, elastic waist strings. On top of that, it has a power bank-powered heater to keep you warm.

Talk about a pocket-y jacket option? The Gamma Jacket gives you zippered chest pockets, inner chest pockets, hidden sleeve pockets, arm pockets, button-able inner pockets, power bank pockets, and front pockets. So, you can imagine how much stuff you can carry, wearing the jacket only.

Lightweight design with ultra durable material and heating features make the Gamma Jacket an all-in-one solution for your casual outings and outdoor work.


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2.  Haglof’s L.I.M. Jacket

Key Features: Packable and Lightweight, hi-spec fabric

 Haglof’s L.I.M. Jacket

L.I.M stands for Less Is More, and this jacket is an accurate depiction of its name. Even though it’s a highly simplistic design, the L.I.M jacket is needed to deliver performance when required.

Thanks to its lightweight, waterproof design, Haglof’s L.I.M Jacket is a good option for hiking, climbing, and trailing. As it starts raining, this jacket will provide you with the much-needed waterproofing thanks to its Paclite Plus waterproof technology.

The waterproofing uses a dual-layer design from Gore-Tex, with the additional outer fabric. However, since there is no backer fabric, it loses some weight.

The other noticeable features include waterproof zips with zippered chest pockets. But it’s the only storage you will get with the L.I.M jacket. In addition, there are elasticated cuffs with adjustable hems and a toggled drawcord.

The hood attaches to the jacket via a three-point adjustment, and it’s laminated and reinforced to keep you dry and cozy in cold conditions.

3.  Gore R7 ShakeDry Jacket

Key features: breathable, lightweight, water-resistant

 Gore R7 ShakeDry Jacket

If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight work jacket, then you will love the Gore-Tex R7 ShakeDry. This jacket is best for workers who need better mobility and protection during intense activities. For instance, it can provide comfort and protection in hot, rainy, and windy conditions.

ShakeDry uses R7 fabric, so it's remarkably light, weighing just 118g. The jacket membrane is on the outside, and there is no shell fabric.

It’s interesting because most waterproof jackets have shell fabric. But thanks to the membrane layer, the water rolls off the jacket’s outer surface, so it lets you shake dry in an instant.

It’s a minimalistic design with a basic hood and elasticated rim. Also, there are elasticated cuffs and zippered hand pockets. One of these pockets doubles up as a stuff sack for the jacket.

The Gore R7 ShakeDry is incredibly breathable, so it doesn’t suffocate you in hot conditions. The only drawback with the Gore R7 is that it’s easily damageable because of a thinnish membrane design.

So, using it with a backpack is slightly risky because the straps can reduce the membrane's durability.

If short hikes, bike rides, and quick evening runs are your things, then the Gore R7 can be the right option for you this winter.

Montane Podium Pull-On Jacket

Key Features: Packable, Good Value for Money

 Montane Podium Pull-On Jacket

The Montane Podium Pull-On jacket is designed for mountain lovers, particularly athletes. It’s made for hikers, trail bikers who love high altitudes. So, understandably, it has an ultra-lightweight design to ensure easier mobility and portability for the user.

Montane Podium Pull-On uses nylon bonded with a waterproof membrane and a PU backer. So, its 2.5-layer design provides optimum waterproofing but keeps it light simultaneously. Yet, it’s highly breathable.

Even with such sturdy layers, the jacket bundles up nicely and shrinks to the size of an apple. There is a quarter-length water-resistant zip and a protective inner storm flap.

Additional features include an elasticated hem and semi-elasticated cuffs and hood. Given that it’s designed for rough use, it may not be the most stylish waterproof jacket around. But it’s surely worth the price for its durability and performance in extreme conditions.

Patagonia Storm Racer

Key Features: Feature-oriented, lightweight design

 Patagonia Storm Racer

Patagonia Storm Racer features a different design from the traditional trail running jackets. It has a comparatively tough face fabric, but it’s still remarkably lightweight. So, it offers durability and performance for hiking in extreme conditions.

We don’t see too many two-zipped designs these days, but the Patagonia Storm Racer offers one. It is easier to fold down your front collar, thanks to the two zips. So, it enhances ventilation and airflow to the hydration flasks.

It’s best suited to work with a trail vest, offering a loose fit for comfortable wear. The material includes recycled nylon and Patagonia’s signature H2No three-layer fabric.

The jacket weighs about 173 g, so it’s certainly not the lightest one around. The dual zipper adds a bit of weight. However, it’s neatly designed to support fast-running and trailing adventures.

CimAlp Storm 2 Pro H

Key Features: breathable, lightweight, and good value for money

 CimAlp Storm 2 Pro H

CimAlp Storm 2 Pro H comes from the alps, so you can expect durability and high performance, especially in extreme weather conditions. The jacket supports fast activities but is mainly designed for light activities.

Storm 2 features a triple-layer Ultrashell membrane, so there is sufficient waterproofing for most extreme conditions. At the same time, the material provides optimum ventilation, so it’s quite breathable too.

Because CimAlp Storm 2 is an athlete-friendly design, it’s very light and aerodynamic. But at the same time, it has a slim fit and stretchable fabric, allowing the wearer with maximum freedom of movement at high tempos.

Other important features include a hood with a magnetic mechanism to keep it from flapping as you run. You will also find thumb loops to keep the cuffs in place. Finally, the chest pocket is big enough to keep a mobile phone or cardholder.

Salomon La Cote Flex 2.5L

Key Features: Waterproof, comfortable wear

 Salomon La Cote Flex 2.5L

Salomon La Cote Flex 2.5L is perfect for hikers and climbers. It’s a lightweight waterproof jacket with handy windproof features to provide an enjoyable experience even in rough conditions. In addition, the jacket stays dry and warm with its 2.5-layer fabric.

At the same time, it’s a comfortable design with an athletic cut, so it’s great for joggers and cycling enthusiasts too. In addition, there is a two-toned color scheme that adds to the looks. So, you can also wear it for casual outings with your friends.

More importantly, it has a loose fit to ensure movement freedom. The design incorporates optimum ventilation even when you’re wearing extra layers underneath. It’s soft, durable, and offers a decent value for money.

The other prominent features include Velcro adjustable cuffs, drawcord-adjustable hood and hem, a pair of external zipped pockets, and an inner mesh lining to enhance protection.

It’s an impressive design and is suited for all weathers. Thanks to its lightweight and packable size, it is easy to carry the jacket in your backpack for your outdoor adventures on the hills.


A lightweight waterproof jacket should be more than just about durability and performance because it doesn’t hurt to look great either.

Winter jackets can sometimes be too bulky, which can make moving around, especially during activities, a little difficult. With a lightweight jacket made with the right choice of materials, you get all the same advantages without the added weight.

Thanks to the selection of jackets in this post, you can now pick a high-quality waterproof jacket for your next hiking and trailing adventures. While these are our top choices for 2022, they will last for years to come.


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