What are the Different Types of Jackets 2022? And That One Jacket You Need

What are the Different Types of Jackets 2022? And That One Jacket You Need

Fashion has its own set of rules. However, you can create several exciting new looks by mixing and matching a few staples in the right way. One of those fashion staples is a nice jacket that complements a number of your outfits.

A piece of quick fashion advice from the classic style icon Twiggy tells us that a tailored jacket paired with jeans is an evergreen look for people of all ages. Wearing heels and a pretty shirt with this combination can elevate your look within minutes.

By that, we can safely say that jackets are timeless and they never go out of style. Therefore, it is important to have a good quality jacket in your wardrobe. So, if you are wondering what jacket options you have, keep on reading!

Different Types of Jackets You Need to Check Out in 2022

The fashion market has a number of different jackets to wear on different occasions. Here are the nine main kinds of jackets that you need to check out in 2022 to upgrade your closet:

1.   Heated Winter Jacket

 Heated Winter Jacket

Winters can be merciless sometimes. So, it is important to layer up properly to keep your body warm.

However, excessive layering can be quite burdensome and hinders your everyday tasks. This is why you need a heated winter jacket.

A heated jacket has a layer or heating element that works with a rechargeable battery to keep your body warm. It is a lightweight waterproof jacket to protect you from cold and moisture.

Heated jackets are also common for sports activities in the colder regions to prevent sore muscles and allow easy movements. They are also well insulated to trap the warmth inside for a longer period.

For example, the Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket is a great option for everyday wear. It is made of 100% graphene that provides a uniform heat distribution. In addition, it is an ultra-lightweight waterproof jacket that can protect you from harsh weather throughout the day.

2.   Bomber Jacket

 Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is a waist-length jacket with a gathered hem. It has a similar elastic cuff to prevent air from entering inside. This jacket is mostly used by people living in moderately cold areas to protect their upper bodies from the weather conditions.

Bomber jackets were originally manufactured for navy and army soldiers during World War I. Within a few years, they made their way into the mainstream fashion market.

The simple exterior of the bomber jackets defines the primary purpose of these jackets, which was protecting the soldiers from cold weather. Nowadays, these jackets are made using different materials in various colors.

Bomber jackets are common among young adults who like simple, timeless clothing.

3.   Biker Jacket

 Biker Jacket

The biker jacket, also known as the motorcycle jacket, is a must-have among people who like edgy fashion. It comes in a leather material with metal zippers, buttons, and studs.

The original purpose of these jackets was to protect the bikers from cold, harsh winds. For this reason, you’ll find the front of the jacket overlapped. This provides the wearer with maximum protection from the wind.

This jacket was mainly common among biker gangs but became widely accepted as an everyday clothing item among fashionistas. This was the era of grunge and punk fashion aesthetics. Till today, people love to wear these jackets no matter where they go.

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4.   Duster Jacket

 Duster Jacket

A duster jacket is a long overcoat that comes to the knees of the wearer. It is a protective clothing article to prevent your outfit from getting dirty.

Most duster jackets have a waistband or button to keep them closed during windy horse rides. These jackets are not supposed to keep you warm; therefore, they are made of light materials like cotton, linen, or canvas.

These days, you can also find rain dusters, which are lightweight waterproof jackets that protect your clothes from dirt and water.

Duster jackets became a trendy clothing item when millennials started wearing them with their everyday outfits. These duster jackets are more colorful and serve no protective purpose.

5.   Blazer 


A blazer is a must-have for formal and professional attire. It is a type of jacket that resembles a suit coat but is a lot less formal than a suit. You can even wear blazers to semi-formal parties and pair them with jeans.

The term blazer was coined after the attire of Lady Margaret Boat Club, which included a bright red semi-formal suit coat. Fast forward to 2000, blazers became a fashion must-have for both men and women.

You can now find blazers in all colors and patterns to match different kinds of bottoms. They have become one of the most popular jacket options for interviews and business meetings among men and women.

6.   Puffer Jacket

 Puffer Jacket

A puffer jacket is made of sympathetic materials like polyester and nylon. It has cavities inside the jacket filled with down or polyester fluff. These jackets are common in icy regions as they help keep your body warm and cozy.

Initially, the jacket was called “Skyliner” and later got the name "Puffer Jacket" due to its puffy appearance. It is a must-have in colder regions of the world to protect people from getting hypothermia.

Each year, brands come up with trendy versions of these jackets due to their increasing popularity. They are now a common choice among celebrities for their everyday and airport looks.


7.   Denim Jacket

 Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is another classic fashion staple. You can wear a denim jacket all year round as it never goes out of style. It is also called a trucker jacket which was quite popular in the northern side of the US.

Levi Strauss made the first denim jacket ten years after he invented denim pants for mine workers and cowboys. Since cowboys loved these pants, they quickly added denim jackets to their wardrobe as well.

This became so popular in the northern side of America that it got the name "Canadian Tuxedo." Each year comes with different designs and versions of denim jackets, but the classic one always stays in fashion.

8.   Track Jacket

 Track Jacket

A track jacket is a part of a tracksuit that people wear while working out. It is also a standard attire for running. Not only that, but athletes also wear tracksuits to practice sports and represent their team.

Cotton, polyester, or nylon are the most common materials for this jacket. The design of these jackets includes a plastic or metal zipper closure and elastic cuffs, so your sleeves don't move back and forth while playing sports.

Most track jackets have a number or logo displayed on them. In the early days, track jackets were only for sports and workouts.

Then, in the early 2000s, it became a popular fashion choice among men and women. Finally, in the late 2010s, athleisure fashion became popular and made track jackets a part of everyday clothing.


9.   Letterman Jacket

Letterman Jacket 

A letterman jacket, also known as the varsity jacket, is common among teenagers and young adults. These jackets feature cotton, wool, or leather material with the team number appliqued on top.

The jackets have a gathered elastic hem, cuffs, and neckline. Lettermen jackets came into the mainstream fashion industry after the media portrayed every high school student wearing a varsity jacket during most of their day.

This jacket originated in the Ivy League universities for their basketball teams and later became a status symbol among young adults. Now, it has become a common clothing item for teenagers and adults for everyday life.

Even though these jackets were only worn in the US, they are now popular worldwide.

Which is the Best Jacket for You?

Choosing the best jacket is quite a personal decision. Since people have different body styles and preferences, no one jacket can fit all. So, how to choose the right jacket for your body type?

Generally, the jacket that may work the best for you depends on these factors:

  • Your body type
  • The region you live in
  • Current fashion trends
  • Your material preference
  • Your budget

Once you have the answers to all these key factors, you can select the ideal jacket you need to have in your closet. However, you can also go for several types. This way, you’ll have varieties for different seasons and weather.

For example, a lightweight waterproof jacket is a must-have around the globe to protect your clothes in the rainy season. Similarly, a heated jacket is an essential part of the wardrobe in closer regions. On the other hand, some jackets like the one from Gamma are suitable for any time of the year.


With several types available in the market, choosing the right jacket can be a complicated task. However, with the help of this list, you can be aware of the main types of jackets in the market to make the right fashion choices.

A good jacket is an essential fashion item that you need to have in your wardrobe regardless of the weather. So, whether you’re looking for a protective lightweight waterproof jacket or a vibrant jacket to match the latest fashion trends, you can now easily find them.

So, layer up and add more personality to your outfit.


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